Monday, December 31, 2012

It has been awhile since I have posted.  Life got in my way.
My mother died November 11th.  She was an amazing woman!  At 91, it was time for her to join Dad.  We were blessed to have her as a mother.  I have big shoes to fill as the new family matriarch.  Later that week, my granddaughters (4 & 9 years)  came to live with me.  We are adjusting and getting into a routine.  They are very happy.  I'm trying to be.

So much for my "Dear Abby" Christmas Letter, back to business.
Needlepoint Tool Time is holding a 20% off sale until January 11th.

I have been intrigued by the mini sequins.  With so many colors, it wasn't practical to stock them.  I finally decided to carry the five most popular colors and sell them as a "set".  I also have all 16 colors of the new  Wonder Ribbon.  It's a 6 mm metallic tube that can be stuffed or spread out.  It comes flat on a bobbin so is different than the Sundance Sparkles.  If you purchase more than one color, you'll need an empty bobbin tube.  I stayed awake one night dreaming up different ways to use it (check the web site).  Wish I had time to stitch!  We also have replacement tips for the Thread Zap & Thread Zap II.  I have discovered that they are not interchangeable.

I even have Needle Valets & Bar Buddies in stock.  Both are hard to come by as they are manufactured by women in recovery who don't seem to think we are a priority.

The tree you see in the photo was made and purchased by an artist in Prescott, Arizona this past summer.  It was also dressed up for Halloween.  Bet I can find hearts for Valentines Day by next week.

As I packed away my needlepoint Christmas ornaments today (100 +),  I was in awe of all the work & time we put into them.  It also made me want to make more.

I wish all of you, and me, a wonderful and productive new year!!

Stitch with joy,

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I spent the last three days at a needlepoint retreat organized by Margaret Bendig.  It was a "stitch your stash" format.  It was held at a wonderful Catholic Retreat Center in Temecula.  Temecula is half way between Palm Desert and San Diego.  It's an area of large horse ranches, vineyards, wineries, and estates.  The Retreat Center was on a hillside surrounded by rolling vineyards.  There is a "middle class" in Temecula; they live across the highway.

There were 34 of us staying at the center and 4 day trippers.  The group included 4 women in their 20's (hooray!), 2 walkers and a man.  About three quarters of them were doing counted work on fabric or canvas.  That was a new experience for me.  Most of my acquaintances are painted canvas workers.  There was lots new to see.  Of course, we all worked on several pieces.  

We were provided with three meals a day in between all the goodies the stitchers' brought.  Root Beer Floats Saturday night topped off the evening. 

There was also a large quilting group there from San Diego.  We visited back & forth.  One needs an SUV & a strong back to haul around quilting equipment!  They make us look like novices.  One woman even had her own ergonomic chair.  Maybe I should disersify and add quilting tools.

I forgot to take my camera so no photos.  It was a very relaxing weekend and I have new friends.

Stitch in joy,
Needlepoint Tool Time

Friday, October 5, 2012


The wide unit holds canvases.
Tall unit holds Rainbow cards.
All these units were purchased at Ikea.

Sewing machine fits in the bottom shelf of the tall unit.
Other drawers on the tall unit contain all those things that we must have.

Lynis found these plastic trays which fit the drawers in the kitchen area of Ikea.  Drawer unit was in the office area.  Threads are sorted by color.  The two deeper bottom drawers will hold two trays with a little trimming of the edge.
Lynis sent me photos of her latest storage solution.  Lynis lives in Wales in one of the stone row houses built for the coal miners over a hundred years ago.  The only closet is located under the stairs.  It certainly makes one appreciate what we have in this country.  Lynis added a bedroom upstairs.  The passage way between the old & the new created a work space.  If you would like information on the names of the IKEA pieces, e-mail me.

I rushed right out and purchased the drawer unit & the trays.  The plan is to consolidate my DMC drawers into one unit - someday.

Stitch in Joy,

Friday, September 28, 2012


     Margaret Bendig  presented the program at the September meeting of the San Bernadino  ANG Chapter.  Due to the distance and time, I don't get to attend very often.  It was on my way to the airport for the Pocket Full Of Stitches Retreat.  Margaret taught the first of 4 witch's hats.
4" hat
After stitching the plaid on my Santa, this should be a breeze.  I was able to purchase the fibers while at PFOS.

Margaret Bendig

The Chapter meets at a museum in Redlands.   The room is round. The acoustics are such that one can hear what is whispered from across the room.  One must be very careful about making comments.  I kept looking behind me to see who was talking & realized it was coming from across the room.

I am attending a "no frills, stitch your stash retreat' organized by Margaret in November.

Stitch in Joy

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This plastic box has been my Kreinik  storage system.
I have two of these boxes which are full.
I can read the top of the spools if I squint but I'm not sure about the color.

This is the new system.  I took a Bead Tube Tower with the loops.The biggest quandary was deciding how to organize the spools.  I finally decided to take all the Size #12 & organize by color.  I had no idea that I had 6 spools of white & 5 of black.  There were other duplicates.  The Bead Tube Tower will hold 138 spools - but who's counting.  This now folds into thirds so it 8 x 16" and slides into a clear, zippered pouch.  It is hanging in my closet.  Someday, I will tackle the size #8.  The #16 spools are too large for the loops so I can still use one box.  I will also see if the size #16 will fit in the Bead Tube Tower II which has larger loops for the boxes of beads.

Ready to store or hang
A larger case is available which will hold 2 towers.

This is my Bead Tube Tower with beads

The Bead Tube Tower is available from  Needlepoint Tool Time .
I'd give you the price but, I can't remember it.

Stitch in joy,

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Cindy shared so many finished pieces, completed in the past year, at the PFOS Retreat that I thought she deserved a post of her own.  Last year, we discovered that Cindy had no stash!  She actually completed one piece before she purchased another.  The group set about to corrupt her.  I'm happy to report that it's working.  Cindy now has a small stash.

Class project

Class taught this year by Rae, the former owner of PFOS.

Another marvel

Piece in progress.  Sunflower centers are the tiny sequins with a bead.

Cindy brought in three other framed pieces that I didn't have the sense to photograph.  One was a very  large witch which was the theme of the retreat two years ago when Julia Snyder was the featured teacher.

Stitch in joy,
Needlepoint Tool Time

Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is my Amanda Lawford Cowboy Santa
The plaid coat is Shaded Very Velvet & a solid Very Velvet.
One side of the coat took 10 hours on Friday to complete.
The holly berries are wooden beads wrapped with Kreinik ribbon.
Open stitch on the beard so the shading shows through.

Same open stitch is used on Santa's green robe & the background  night sky.  I've forgotten the the name of the stitch but it can be found in several of Julia Snyder's books.

Silk ribbon on the hat.  Gold circles are Jessica's.  Appears that the coat is an open stitch so the shading shows through.

Belt detail is wonderful.  Just can't remember what it was.

Amanda Lawford Santa
Coat is 2 rows of continental separated by 5 rows of  skipped tent.

Debbie Mumm Santa

Note the raised holly boarder.

The theme for this year's retreat was Santa Clause.  We each chose a Santa canvas.  Julia Snyder did the stitch guide for each Santa.  I don't know the designers of all the canvas's.  These are just a few of the 20 Santa's.  No two were alike.

Stitch with joy,

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have just returned from five days in Lubbock, Texas where I attended the Pocket Full of Stitches Retreat. Julia Snyder was the teacher for this year's retreat.  We each chose a Santa canvas; Julia did the stitch guide.  For those who have not had the pleasure of visiting POFS, I thought I start today and share the store.

Front Window

Right of the front door.
Shelves of finished samples,  Baskets of ornament size canvases

Looking down the center of the store

Back of the store

Class Room.  Seats 20 - 25
Current trunk show is hung on the walls

Back Room
Office, Kitchen, Shipping & Storage

Megan, owner of Pocket Full of Stitches, with Gracie her 3 year old daughter.
Megan's mother is to the left.  Two of the Pocketts to the right.
Megan is expecting her second daughter the middle of November.
Next time, I'll show you some of the Santa canvases along with Julia's fabulous ideas.
Until next time,
Stitch in Joy,
Needlepoint Tool Time

Sunday, September 2, 2012


     This is the first day in months that it has been cooler outside than inside in the early morning.  I keep the thermostat set at 80 unless I get cranky.  We won't remember why we live here until after Halloween.  This has been the hottest, most humid summer that we have had in years.  I suppose the entire Country can say the same thing.

     During the summer, I paid a visit to Garden Gate Needlepoint in Covina which is about a 90 minute drive from here.  Covina has a cute "downtown street" left over from a former time.  We don't often see that in California.  Carol Cugno the owner was delightful.

     I leave Tuesday for my annual sabbatical to Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock, Texas.  This year, Julia Snyder is teaching a Santa Canvas of our choice.  I have chosen Amanda Lawford's Western Santa in what I hope is a doable size.
     I will attend the San Bernardino ANG chapter meeting Tuesday night.  Margaret Bendig will be teaching the first in her series of Witch's hats.  After the meeting, I will continue on to a hotel in Ontario where I can park my car & fly out early the next morning.

Stitch in joy,

Friday, August 17, 2012


I had to have these tubes of beading thread when I saw them.  I loved the colors and I loved the idea of having them contained in one place.  There are 12, 75yd bobbins in each container.  At $14.95 this seems like a deal.  The beading thread is by S-Lon and is suppose to be stronger then Nymo.  I haven't tested it - nor will I.
I also ordered empty tubes so that you can corral your currant inventory.  They will also hold sewing machine bobbins.

This is a Plastic-Rubber Hammer.  It's light weight & 9.5" in length. I ordered it to assemble stretcher bars as plastic or rubber ends help avoid the type of marring of stretcher bars that is caused by steel hammers.  I think this should be an OSHA requirement for Stitchers.  I was recently assembling a set of Evertites.  I had them up against my chest trying to press them together. I caught my boob.  The Evertites are hanging from a boob as I frantically try to pry them apart.  They certainly lived up to their name - ever tight!

Stitch with joy,

Thursday, August 9, 2012


While attending the Yei class, a woman pulled out her needles.  I thought she'd found an interesting storage solution.  She chose to remain anonymous least a Twelve Step group hunt her down.  It does make you drool to see that many Bohin Needles.  Hope she's buying them from me.


Monday, August 6, 2012


While attending the Yie-bi-chei class, I had the pleasure of meeting Judy Dymond.  Judy didn't take the class because she was attending her future granddaughter's baby shower.  Judy made her this fabulous quilt using antique doilies which she embellished with stitching.  There were nine doilies, one for each month of gestation. Look closely to see Judy's added touch to each doily.

The leaf fabric was cut out and hand appliqued onto the sky fabric.
In her spare time, Judy is the Region Director for the 2014 National EGA Seminar in Phoenix.

Be inspired!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I have several things I would like to blog about.  The icon for posting photos has disappeared from the blogger tool bar and has been lost for several weeks.  Would appreciate any help.


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a 2 day Pilot class, Yei-bi-chei, sponsored by the San Bernadino Chapter of ANG. Victoria Nessel is a newly certified NAN teacher. She is teaching this piece at the Santa Fe EGA Seminar in October. Thus, I cannot post a photo. A Yei is a Navjo figure that carries messages from God. The Yei-bi-chei is the Navjo dancer that protrays the Yei in Navjo ceremonies. The canvas is the mask of the Yei-bi-chei. It's a very amambitioes project! Techniques include: sponge painting, appliqueing into a background canvas, twisted cord, cutting out canvas, padding, & embellishment. That's after needlepointing. The colors and stitch combinations are very unique.  I should get some stitching in while I watch the Olympics.


Saturday, July 14, 2012


The Eat, Sleep, Stitch Night Shirts are in stock. One Size fits all.
Bunka Brush. Used to brush thread to create fur, hair, etc. Double Needle Threader. Fine end should fit thru the eye of a Beading needle. Perfect Stitch Laying Tool. My favorite laying tool. Quality has improved so that I may once again offer them for sale. Cotton Candy Scissors by Sew Mate. Small, sharp scissors with transparent handles & case. Enjoy, Tisha

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have finished Nancy Cucci's Patriotic Heart. It gets one more star. One in the package was broken. Michael's doesn't carry them.
I have added several specialty threads to the web site: Sparkles by Sundance & the Access Commodities Collections for Flesh Tone Palettes. Instructions are included on how to stitch a realistic face. I found them thorough & intimidating. Tisha

Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is Lynis's Amazing Grays. The stitched piece is heavy due to the weight of the beads and kept falling out of the box top. The double sided tape was not strong enough to hold it. Pamela had the same trouble with Maria's box. The canvas was heavely padded as it was slightly larger than the box top opening. Lynis was wandering thru one of the "manely" stores in Wales and noticed a product called UNIBOND - No More Nails on a roll (for interior use only). It is a double sided tape but thicker than the one we usually use. She trimmed it to fit around the opening of the box top frame. The canvas is still adhering to the lid. We must have this product or a similar one in one of our "manely" big box stores. Needlepoint Tool Time had an extremely successful sale. The Needle Valet was the most requested product. One customer like it so well that she ordered 3 more. Unforutnately, I don't have it. The latest word(that's nicer than excuse)is that the ladies who assemble the product are waiting for the magnets to arrive. We are hoping that they ordered enough magnets to fill all of Debby Rowley's back orders. I will be spending Memorial Day Weekend with friends in Phoenix. I am planning on visitihng several of the needlepoint shops. I have several shopping lists for friends. Stitch Happy this week! Tisha

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is Maria, a dental assistant with whom I work. She wanted to learn how to needlepoint. I orederd a Barbara Bergstrom's Painted Stitches canvas. I funrnised her with the necessary equipment from my endless personal stash. With minimal instruction, Maria was off and stitching. Every time she was without a patient, she was adding a few more stitches. She was hooked! My friend Pamela KImball finished the box top for her. We told her our first pieces didn't look nearly this good. Maria's own mother is deceased. She is giving the box to her boyfriend's mother for Mother's Day. She is in the process of choosing her second project.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Needlepoint Tool Time is honoring mothers' by holding a Mother's Day Sale. May 6 - May 19 20% off Buy yurself the gift yu deserve!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


EGA has started raising funds for the 2014 National Seminar to be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The Pacific Southwestern Region has created Legends of Needlearts Charms & Magnets. In appreaciation for their immeasurable contributions to EGA, they are honoring: Chottie Alderson, Jacqueline Enthoven, Margaret Fleming, Carol Algie Higginbotham, Jean Hilton & Gay Ann Rogers. Each charm was designeed to exemplify each Legend's most memorable area of expertise, and comes with a special "Lucky Penny" card honoring them. The designs are availalbe as either charms or magnets & may be purchased separately for $8 or as a complete set of 6 for $48 which includes a complimentary tin. Please go to to order your charms. yo
Tisha PS I have no financial interest in these charms. Only helping out.