Friday, September 28, 2012


     Margaret Bendig  presented the program at the September meeting of the San Bernadino  ANG Chapter.  Due to the distance and time, I don't get to attend very often.  It was on my way to the airport for the Pocket Full Of Stitches Retreat.  Margaret taught the first of 4 witch's hats.
4" hat
After stitching the plaid on my Santa, this should be a breeze.  I was able to purchase the fibers while at PFOS.

Margaret Bendig

The Chapter meets at a museum in Redlands.   The room is round. The acoustics are such that one can hear what is whispered from across the room.  One must be very careful about making comments.  I kept looking behind me to see who was talking & realized it was coming from across the room.

I am attending a "no frills, stitch your stash retreat' organized by Margaret in November.

Stitch in Joy

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This plastic box has been my Kreinik  storage system.
I have two of these boxes which are full.
I can read the top of the spools if I squint but I'm not sure about the color.

This is the new system.  I took a Bead Tube Tower with the loops.The biggest quandary was deciding how to organize the spools.  I finally decided to take all the Size #12 & organize by color.  I had no idea that I had 6 spools of white & 5 of black.  There were other duplicates.  The Bead Tube Tower will hold 138 spools - but who's counting.  This now folds into thirds so it 8 x 16" and slides into a clear, zippered pouch.  It is hanging in my closet.  Someday, I will tackle the size #8.  The #16 spools are too large for the loops so I can still use one box.  I will also see if the size #16 will fit in the Bead Tube Tower II which has larger loops for the boxes of beads.

Ready to store or hang
A larger case is available which will hold 2 towers.

This is my Bead Tube Tower with beads

The Bead Tube Tower is available from  Needlepoint Tool Time .
I'd give you the price but, I can't remember it.

Stitch in joy,

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Cindy shared so many finished pieces, completed in the past year, at the PFOS Retreat that I thought she deserved a post of her own.  Last year, we discovered that Cindy had no stash!  She actually completed one piece before she purchased another.  The group set about to corrupt her.  I'm happy to report that it's working.  Cindy now has a small stash.

Class project

Class taught this year by Rae, the former owner of PFOS.

Another marvel

Piece in progress.  Sunflower centers are the tiny sequins with a bead.

Cindy brought in three other framed pieces that I didn't have the sense to photograph.  One was a very  large witch which was the theme of the retreat two years ago when Julia Snyder was the featured teacher.

Stitch in joy,
Needlepoint Tool Time

Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is my Amanda Lawford Cowboy Santa
The plaid coat is Shaded Very Velvet & a solid Very Velvet.
One side of the coat took 10 hours on Friday to complete.
The holly berries are wooden beads wrapped with Kreinik ribbon.
Open stitch on the beard so the shading shows through.

Same open stitch is used on Santa's green robe & the background  night sky.  I've forgotten the the name of the stitch but it can be found in several of Julia Snyder's books.

Silk ribbon on the hat.  Gold circles are Jessica's.  Appears that the coat is an open stitch so the shading shows through.

Belt detail is wonderful.  Just can't remember what it was.

Amanda Lawford Santa
Coat is 2 rows of continental separated by 5 rows of  skipped tent.

Debbie Mumm Santa

Note the raised holly boarder.

The theme for this year's retreat was Santa Clause.  We each chose a Santa canvas.  Julia Snyder did the stitch guide for each Santa.  I don't know the designers of all the canvas's.  These are just a few of the 20 Santa's.  No two were alike.

Stitch with joy,

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have just returned from five days in Lubbock, Texas where I attended the Pocket Full of Stitches Retreat. Julia Snyder was the teacher for this year's retreat.  We each chose a Santa canvas; Julia did the stitch guide.  For those who have not had the pleasure of visiting POFS, I thought I start today and share the store.

Front Window

Right of the front door.
Shelves of finished samples,  Baskets of ornament size canvases

Looking down the center of the store

Back of the store

Class Room.  Seats 20 - 25
Current trunk show is hung on the walls

Back Room
Office, Kitchen, Shipping & Storage

Megan, owner of Pocket Full of Stitches, with Gracie her 3 year old daughter.
Megan's mother is to the left.  Two of the Pocketts to the right.
Megan is expecting her second daughter the middle of November.
Next time, I'll show you some of the Santa canvases along with Julia's fabulous ideas.
Until next time,
Stitch in Joy,
Needlepoint Tool Time

Sunday, September 2, 2012


     This is the first day in months that it has been cooler outside than inside in the early morning.  I keep the thermostat set at 80 unless I get cranky.  We won't remember why we live here until after Halloween.  This has been the hottest, most humid summer that we have had in years.  I suppose the entire Country can say the same thing.

     During the summer, I paid a visit to Garden Gate Needlepoint in Covina which is about a 90 minute drive from here.  Covina has a cute "downtown street" left over from a former time.  We don't often see that in California.  Carol Cugno the owner was delightful.

     I leave Tuesday for my annual sabbatical to Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock, Texas.  This year, Julia Snyder is teaching a Santa Canvas of our choice.  I have chosen Amanda Lawford's Western Santa in what I hope is a doable size.
     I will attend the San Bernardino ANG chapter meeting Tuesday night.  Margaret Bendig will be teaching the first in her series of Witch's hats.  After the meeting, I will continue on to a hotel in Ontario where I can park my car & fly out early the next morning.

Stitch in joy,