Friday, August 17, 2012


I had to have these tubes of beading thread when I saw them.  I loved the colors and I loved the idea of having them contained in one place.  There are 12, 75yd bobbins in each container.  At $14.95 this seems like a deal.  The beading thread is by S-Lon and is suppose to be stronger then Nymo.  I haven't tested it - nor will I.
I also ordered empty tubes so that you can corral your currant inventory.  They will also hold sewing machine bobbins.

This is a Plastic-Rubber Hammer.  It's light weight & 9.5" in length. I ordered it to assemble stretcher bars as plastic or rubber ends help avoid the type of marring of stretcher bars that is caused by steel hammers.  I think this should be an OSHA requirement for Stitchers.  I was recently assembling a set of Evertites.  I had them up against my chest trying to press them together. I caught my boob.  The Evertites are hanging from a boob as I frantically try to pry them apart.  They certainly lived up to their name - ever tight!

Stitch with joy,

Thursday, August 9, 2012


While attending the Yei class, a woman pulled out her needles.  I thought she'd found an interesting storage solution.  She chose to remain anonymous least a Twelve Step group hunt her down.  It does make you drool to see that many Bohin Needles.  Hope she's buying them from me.


Monday, August 6, 2012


While attending the Yie-bi-chei class, I had the pleasure of meeting Judy Dymond.  Judy didn't take the class because she was attending her future granddaughter's baby shower.  Judy made her this fabulous quilt using antique doilies which she embellished with stitching.  There were nine doilies, one for each month of gestation. Look closely to see Judy's added touch to each doily.

The leaf fabric was cut out and hand appliqued onto the sky fabric.
In her spare time, Judy is the Region Director for the 2014 National EGA Seminar in Phoenix.

Be inspired!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I have several things I would like to blog about.  The icon for posting photos has disappeared from the blogger tool bar and has been lost for several weeks.  Would appreciate any help.