Saturday, April 13, 2013


I have been overwhelmed the past few weeks with grandchildren.  Needlepoint Tool Time has suffered.  I kept getting inventory every day with no time to post it on the site.  I'm starting to catch up. I have been to court four times in an effort to gain Guardianship of my grandchildren.  I thought last week would be the final time.  Wrong!  I have to have my criminal background investigated.  During this process, the grand kids were appointed their own attorney.  She came out to interview the children & check out their surroundings.  Next, someone from another agency was here for two hours interviewing me.  She went through the house & opened every cupboard in the kitchen.  I was so relieved nothing fell on her head.  It took one weekend to clean out the closet as we were in the process of getting out summer cloths & packing away winter.  It took another weekend to organize the inventory in the loft & make it presentable.  I was concerned that the place might look too good.  I was electronically finger printed this past week.  An investigator from Child Protective Services is coming out next week.  The good news is that they are finally investigating the parents. We go to court again on May 15th.  Thanks for listening!  Now back to business.

The book we have all been waiting for arrived today from Little Canvas Shoppe.  It's another must have.

Several of the Lacquer Boxes with canvas from Amanda Lawford are in stock

We ordered the Walker bags with handles.

The iPhone 4 covers arrived today.  They can be beaded, cross stitched or needlepointed.

Stitch in joy,