Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A new supply of the Puffin Needle Nannies has arrived.  My favorite is the Witch Hat.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am spending the week in Sedona,AZ. Today, I had lunch & an afternoon of stitching with Leigh Shafer. Leigh is active on the ANG Yahoo Group & in ANG. She is a professional needlepoint finisher. Leigh has been involved with starting a second ANG chapter in the Phoenix area.

I have read lots about the Kissing Pillows but didn't know how they were used. Leigh had a sack full of 2 x 2" Pillows that she was finishing. She explained to me how they work.
When a Battalion of soldiers is shipped overseas, each soldier, the spouse, & child is given a Kissing Pillow. Leigh's grandson put his Kissing Pillow under his pillow. Each night he would take it out and tell his Dad about his day. Made me cry. Unfortunately, many more pillows are still needed.

It was fun to finally put a face with a name and have another needlepoint friend.



Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Drink & Stash/Trash Caddy is the new "must have" for class.  It attaches to the table with a screw clamp. The cup holder is largest enough for a Big Gulp Soda or a pint of Ben & Jerry ice creme.  Uses for the stash caddy are limited only by your imagination..

I forgot to post the photo of the Needle valet & Itty Bittie Magnets.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


The Needle Valet & Itty Bitties (magnets) are now in stock.  The Needle Valet attaches to your canvas with a magnet.  When you are working with more than 1 threaded needle, you wrap the excess thread around the Valet, and let the magnet keep the needle handy for the next time you need to use that thread.  A set of three Valets are included on the strip.  Each has it's own magnet, so you can remove a Valet if you don't have 3 threads going. 

 The Itty Bitties are small  (1/2") magnets in a safari motif.

These two items are manufactured and packaged by women in a treatment  program at Arkansas CARES.  The wholesale proceeds from this product are used to assist the women with dental care & prescription costs.  Since I am a practicing Dental Hygienist, I whole heatedly support the program.