Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am spending the week in Sedona,AZ. Today, I had lunch & an afternoon of stitching with Leigh Shafer. Leigh is active on the ANG Yahoo Group & in ANG. She is a professional needlepoint finisher. Leigh has been involved with starting a second ANG chapter in the Phoenix area.

I have read lots about the Kissing Pillows but didn't know how they were used. Leigh had a sack full of 2 x 2" Pillows that she was finishing. She explained to me how they work.
When a Battalion of soldiers is shipped overseas, each soldier, the spouse, & child is given a Kissing Pillow. Leigh's grandson put his Kissing Pillow under his pillow. Each night he would take it out and tell his Dad about his day. Made me cry. Unfortunately, many more pillows are still needed.

It was fun to finally put a face with a name and have another needlepoint friend.


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