Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is Lynis's Amazing Grays. The stitched piece is heavy due to the weight of the beads and kept falling out of the box top. The double sided tape was not strong enough to hold it. Pamela had the same trouble with Maria's box. The canvas was heavely padded as it was slightly larger than the box top opening. Lynis was wandering thru one of the "manely" stores in Wales and noticed a product called UNIBOND - No More Nails on a roll (for interior use only). It is a double sided tape but thicker than the one we usually use. She trimmed it to fit around the opening of the box top frame. The canvas is still adhering to the lid. We must have this product or a similar one in one of our "manely" big box stores. Needlepoint Tool Time had an extremely successful sale. The Needle Valet was the most requested product. One customer like it so well that she ordered 3 more. Unforutnately, I don't have it. The latest word(that's nicer than excuse)is that the ladies who assemble the product are waiting for the magnets to arrive. We are hoping that they ordered enough magnets to fill all of Debby Rowley's back orders. I will be spending Memorial Day Weekend with friends in Phoenix. I am planning on visitihng several of the needlepoint shops. I have several shopping lists for friends. Stitch Happy this week! Tisha

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is Maria, a dental assistant with whom I work. She wanted to learn how to needlepoint. I orederd a Barbara Bergstrom's Painted Stitches canvas. I funrnised her with the necessary equipment from my endless personal stash. With minimal instruction, Maria was off and stitching. Every time she was without a patient, she was adding a few more stitches. She was hooked! My friend Pamela KImball finished the box top for her. We told her our first pieces didn't look nearly this good. Maria's own mother is deceased. She is giving the box to her boyfriend's mother for Mother's Day. She is in the process of choosing her second project.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Needlepoint Tool Time is honoring mothers' by holding a Mother's Day Sale. May 6 - May 19 20% off Buy yurself the gift yu deserve!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


EGA has started raising funds for the 2014 National Seminar to be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The Pacific Southwestern Region has created Legends of Needlearts Charms & Magnets. In appreaciation for their immeasurable contributions to EGA, they are honoring: Chottie Alderson, Jacqueline Enthoven, Margaret Fleming, Carol Algie Higginbotham, Jean Hilton & Gay Ann Rogers. Each charm was designeed to exemplify each Legend's most memorable area of expertise, and comes with a special "Lucky Penny" card honoring them. The designs are availalbe as either charms or magnets & may be purchased separately for $8 or as a complete set of 6 for $48 which includes a complimentary tin. Please go to to order your charms. yo
Tisha PS I have no financial interest in these charms. Only helping out.