Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is Maria, a dental assistant with whom I work. She wanted to learn how to needlepoint. I orederd a Barbara Bergstrom's Painted Stitches canvas. I funrnised her with the necessary equipment from my endless personal stash. With minimal instruction, Maria was off and stitching. Every time she was without a patient, she was adding a few more stitches. She was hooked! My friend Pamela KImball finished the box top for her. We told her our first pieces didn't look nearly this good. Maria's own mother is deceased. She is giving the box to her boyfriend's mother for Mother's Day. She is in the process of choosing her second project.


  1. This looks GREAT!! May I copy it and put it on my blog too? Please let me know. Please tell Maria I'm so proud of her!!!

  2. Awesome, we need all the new needlepointers we can find. Barbara's canvas's are great for teaching. Congrats Maria!