Thursday, May 3, 2012


EGA has started raising funds for the 2014 National Seminar to be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The Pacific Southwestern Region has created Legends of Needlearts Charms & Magnets. In appreaciation for their immeasurable contributions to EGA, they are honoring: Chottie Alderson, Jacqueline Enthoven, Margaret Fleming, Carol Algie Higginbotham, Jean Hilton & Gay Ann Rogers. Each charm was designeed to exemplify each Legend's most memorable area of expertise, and comes with a special "Lucky Penny" card honoring them. The designs are availalbe as either charms or magnets & may be purchased separately for $8 or as a complete set of 6 for $48 which includes a complimentary tin. Please go to to order your charms. yo
Tisha PS I have no financial interest in these charms. Only helping out.


  1. Thanks, Tisha. Can anyone buy these? Are the magnets useable as a stitching magnet with the addition of a second magnet for the back side of your fabric? I will post about these on Blog next week. There are plenty of fans of these legends who will want to buy and help out EGA a bit at the same time.

    1. Thanks for the help Jane. Anyone can buy them. I have not seen the magnets but will check that out for you. I have been helping Pat Correz , she's chairman for the event, secure various items to be used in fund raising & as favors. Guess I should join EGA.