Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yesterday, Pamela & I made the treck into Palos Verdes to attend the Shoreline Stitchers' Showcase. I had planned to take my mother who lives in Palos Verdes for an outting but she didn't feel well. After a short visit to appease my guilt, we arrived at the exhibit. There were 254 entries. The entries were seperated into 8 categories with up to 7 Divisions in each catergory. We figured a third of the entries were under glass. (Had I known that was permissible, I would have submitted a piece.) There were a large number of entries in the Counted Thread Division (AKA cross stitch). There was also a Division for Charted Needlepoint. The Bead Division was interesting. Margaret Flemming entered a three dimensional bonsi tree created entirely of beads. As for unique finishing, someone had stitched 5 ornament size Kimonos. They were mounted on a beautifully finished Kimono shaped piece of wood. The stitcher used Shawl pins or hair picks to hang the Kimonos. My favorite new needlepoint technique was the beard on a Santa stocking by Liz with stitch guide by Susan Portra. The beard was long stitched in gray wool. White cord had been twisted and randomly couched in waves or curls over the long stitches. The hair was basket woven with a finer cord on top. The mustache was solidly packet twisted cord. The major prize winner was Rachel Watkins with her Silk/Metal work. There was also an exhibit of Jan Jellins thread paintings. The program had been printed after the judging so one can see the piece and any ribbon won. There were wonderful opportunity baskets and a botique. I was inspired and have been stitcheing ever since I returned home. Have a happy day! Tisha

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