Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Slide Show

I had a computer tech here for two hours this weekend. He says I'm stuck with the computer jargon. Is that true Jane? The slide show features new & colorful items available at Needlepoint Tool Time. When I first previewed the slide show on line, it opened with a prayer. There's a place for that but not on my web site! I think I have resolved the issue. This was the first weekend for Coachella Fest. It's a musical event aimed at people with a questionable taste in music. They take over the Polo Fields in the lower valley. There are mutiple stages & large tents featuring various bands. They can accomodate 98,000 mostly younger, scantily dressed people. Traffic is a nightmare. Tickets are only sold as 3 day passes for $300. The event has been so succesful that they are running it for 2 weekends this year. It is followed the third weekend by Stage Coach which has a Country Western theme. Enjoy, Tisha

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  1. Stuck with computer jargon? We all are. Software writers have tunnel vision and don't realize how annoying all that stuff is.

    I can't get the slide show to play here, but on your website it works just fine. Here's the link for those who want to push Play.