Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I have written this three different times over several days.  Each time it disappears or the photos have a mind of their own.  I'm hoping this is the charm.

Let's start with some of Margaret Bendig's Halloween designs.  Over the past several years, Margaret has designed and taught 3 witch's boots & several slippers.  Now she is starting the Halloween Hat series.  After she teaches one of these designs, she waits several months & teaches a finishing class.  All her holiday theme designs include finishing instructions.  The Halloween designs are available for purchase.  If interested, contact Margaret at  MargaretBendig@gmail.com.

1st in a series

Inside of hat.  Finishing instructions included.

Halloween Slippers

Swarovski  crystals for his eyes

Lani  design.  Think it's sideways.

This is for some lucky fireman

This is a copy of Gustav Klimt's THE KISS
It's a 5 year project.  She's an optimist.
Please enlarge so you can see the detailed ribbon work.

I'm not pressing my luck!  I'm posting before it's too late.
Needlepoint Tool Time

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This past weekend, I attended Margaret Bendig's Retreat at a Catholic Retreat Center in the wine country of Temechula, CA.  Most of the stitchers are participants in Margaret's weekly classes at Needlepoint, Inc.  Counted work (beyond my mental capacity) seems to be their first love.  The theme was Stitch your Stash.  Everyone arrived with multiple projects. Ages ranged from middle 30''s to "I can't believe you can still see to stitch".  There were 3 mother/daughter couples.  In between stitching and snacking, we had great meals prepared by the Retreat Center's chef.

I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the projects in progress:

Ta Da
Organization's crest
Cross Stitch on Linen

Christmas Tree
Laura J. Perin  Design

Sew on Swarovski crystals for eyes
Buttons & beads for holly

Ta Da
Cross stitch Santa by Mirabilia

Knot the Usual
Sue Reed

American Flag
Margaret Bendig

Margaret did the finishing on this angel  one afternoon.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The PFOS retreat includes a welcoming reception, 2 lunches & a brunch.  Megan, the owner of PFOS, does most of the cooking.  Her helpers include her mother, mother-in-law, & the Pockettes.  Each year is different & we get the recipes at the conclusion of the retreat.

This year, I got to Video Skype with my friend Lynis in Wales.  Lynis got a tour of the store and was able to pick out her own canvases instead of relying on me.  I-Pads are wonderful!

Here are the remainder of the canvases participants chose.  Robin King did an amazing job with her Stitch Guides.  This year's theme was Fall or Halloween.

91 Different Stitches.  Too many threads to count.

The photo of my canvas is missing as are several others.

Stitch Happy,


Monday, September 30, 2013


We have had a wonderful time at Pocket Full of Stitches.  Three of us came in a day early.  We had dinner  with Robin Givens, the talented  & personable designer of  the new Hilary Jean designs.  www.hilaryjeandesigns.com.

Everyone in attendance is thrilled with their stitch guides by Robin King.  She has been awesome!
I will post some of the canvases.

Will post the rest later.

Needlepoint Tool Time

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Raising grandchildren has definitely interfered with Needlepoint.  This week, I was forced to help with math homework.  It's still numbers but the vocabulary has changed.  A number is now a digit and the difference between two numbers is now the value.  What's wrong with the old meanings that made sense!

I did get to spend 4 days at the ANG Seminar in Anaheim  I took the STITCH class from Debbie Stiehler who is a fun and knowledgeable teacher.

Expo night was a great success thanks to the help from Marie-Therese Baker & Lisa Eddo.

We have lots of new inventory arrivals.  Some have been sitting here so long they are now old.  They are now on the web site.  I thought I could insert the new slide show here but, I guess not.  You will have to go to the web site www.needlepointtooltime.com.

I am off this week to the Pocket Full of Stitches Retreat in Lubbock , Texas.  The famous and fantastic Robin King will be instructing.  These needlepoint escapes have become known as my Sanity Savers!

Stay tuned,


Monday, July 1, 2013


I spent a very relaxing weekend at Margaret Bendig's No Frills Retreat.  It's no frills as we stay at a Catholic Retreat Center.  In between the continual snacking, we were fed 3 meals a day.  The retreat started on Wednesday & runs thru Monday.  Stitchers came & went.  I was able to spend Friday thru Sunday.  There were lots of stories & laughs.  The one male attendee said he was going to write a book & call it " 50 Shades of DMC".  This was a stitch your stash affair.  I thought you would enjoy seeing what some of the ladies & gentleman were working on.  Of course, everyone brought at least 3 projects.  Most of these ladies do counted work which is beyond the scope of my brain.  I don't know how they can talk so much & count at the same time!

A Ta Da
Margaret Bendig's Kimona

Monday, May 27, 2013


It's been awhile since I have blogged.  Life (do I still have one?) has gotten in my way.  A four year old and a nine year old consume most of my time.  It should get better in a few weeks.  School will be out and the twice daily hour round trips to get Skylyn to school will be finished.  I am semi- retiring from dental hygiene.  We are still awaiting word on the permanent  guardianship.  I've learned a lot about our  legal system.  Meanwhile,  I've sacrificed needlepoint & sleep.

I added new items to the web site today.  Some of it has been sitting here for quite some time.

If you need Evertites for a class or Seminar, order early.  Deliveries from the company are very slow!!!

New items:

Jemma  Pouch by Namaste 

Memory Thread How-To book & Memory Thread

Rhinestone Chatelaine with Zinger
My personal favorite.  Get one to match each outfit.

Halloween canvas complete with finishing.

Santa's chair Pincushion

Russian Doll Scissors & magnet

Fashionista Butterfly Scissors

Thanks for your continuing support!


Saturday, April 13, 2013


I have been overwhelmed the past few weeks with grandchildren.  Needlepoint Tool Time has suffered.  I kept getting inventory every day with no time to post it on the site.  I'm starting to catch up. I have been to court four times in an effort to gain Guardianship of my grandchildren.  I thought last week would be the final time.  Wrong!  I have to have my criminal background investigated.  During this process, the grand kids were appointed their own attorney.  She came out to interview the children & check out their surroundings.  Next, someone from another agency was here for two hours interviewing me.  She went through the house & opened every cupboard in the kitchen.  I was so relieved nothing fell on her head.  It took one weekend to clean out the closet as we were in the process of getting out summer cloths & packing away winter.  It took another weekend to organize the inventory in the loft & make it presentable.  I was concerned that the place might look too good.  I was electronically finger printed this past week.  An investigator from Child Protective Services is coming out next week.  The good news is that they are finally investigating the parents. We go to court again on May 15th.  Thanks for listening!  Now back to business.

The book we have all been waiting for arrived today from Little Canvas Shoppe.  It's another must have.

Several of the Lacquer Boxes with canvas from Amanda Lawford are in stock

We ordered the Walker bags with handles.

The iPhone 4 covers arrived today.  They can be beaded, cross stitched or needlepointed.

Stitch in joy,