Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The PFOS retreat includes a welcoming reception, 2 lunches & a brunch.  Megan, the owner of PFOS, does most of the cooking.  Her helpers include her mother, mother-in-law, & the Pockettes.  Each year is different & we get the recipes at the conclusion of the retreat.

This year, I got to Video Skype with my friend Lynis in Wales.  Lynis got a tour of the store and was able to pick out her own canvases instead of relying on me.  I-Pads are wonderful!

Here are the remainder of the canvases participants chose.  Robin King did an amazing job with her Stitch Guides.  This year's theme was Fall or Halloween.

91 Different Stitches.  Too many threads to count.

The photo of my canvas is missing as are several others.

Stitch Happy,


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