Monday, May 27, 2013


It's been awhile since I have blogged.  Life (do I still have one?) has gotten in my way.  A four year old and a nine year old consume most of my time.  It should get better in a few weeks.  School will be out and the twice daily hour round trips to get Skylyn to school will be finished.  I am semi- retiring from dental hygiene.  We are still awaiting word on the permanent  guardianship.  I've learned a lot about our  legal system.  Meanwhile,  I've sacrificed needlepoint & sleep.

I added new items to the web site today.  Some of it has been sitting here for quite some time.

If you need Evertites for a class or Seminar, order early.  Deliveries from the company are very slow!!!

New items:

Jemma  Pouch by Namaste 

Memory Thread How-To book & Memory Thread

Rhinestone Chatelaine with Zinger
My personal favorite.  Get one to match each outfit.

Halloween canvas complete with finishing.

Santa's chair Pincushion

Russian Doll Scissors & magnet

Fashionista Butterfly Scissors

Thanks for your continuing support!


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