Sunday, September 22, 2013


Raising grandchildren has definitely interfered with Needlepoint.  This week, I was forced to help with math homework.  It's still numbers but the vocabulary has changed.  A number is now a digit and the difference between two numbers is now the value.  What's wrong with the old meanings that made sense!

I did get to spend 4 days at the ANG Seminar in Anaheim  I took the STITCH class from Debbie Stiehler who is a fun and knowledgeable teacher.

Expo night was a great success thanks to the help from Marie-Therese Baker & Lisa Eddo.

We have lots of new inventory arrivals.  Some have been sitting here so long they are now old.  They are now on the web site.  I thought I could insert the new slide show here but, I guess not.  You will have to go to the web site

I am off this week to the Pocket Full of Stitches Retreat in Lubbock , Texas.  The famous and fantastic Robin King will be instructing.  These needlepoint escapes have become known as my Sanity Savers!

Stay tuned,



  1. Can't wait to hear about your retreat at Pocketful of Stitches, one of my favorite online stores. Have fun and learn lots from Robin.

  2. Thanks Cindy. Plan to do both!