Friday, August 17, 2012


I had to have these tubes of beading thread when I saw them.  I loved the colors and I loved the idea of having them contained in one place.  There are 12, 75yd bobbins in each container.  At $14.95 this seems like a deal.  The beading thread is by S-Lon and is suppose to be stronger then Nymo.  I haven't tested it - nor will I.
I also ordered empty tubes so that you can corral your currant inventory.  They will also hold sewing machine bobbins.

This is a Plastic-Rubber Hammer.  It's light weight & 9.5" in length. I ordered it to assemble stretcher bars as plastic or rubber ends help avoid the type of marring of stretcher bars that is caused by steel hammers.  I think this should be an OSHA requirement for Stitchers.  I was recently assembling a set of Evertites.  I had them up against my chest trying to press them together. I caught my boob.  The Evertites are hanging from a boob as I frantically try to pry them apart.  They certainly lived up to their name - ever tight!

Stitch with joy,


  1. I know it wasn't funny when it happened but you gave me a good morning laugh!

  2. Makes me laugh now. Probably more painful than implanting the Teko-bari in my pubic bone.

  3. Needlepoint isn't for sissies, that's for sure! Thanks for the chuckles, ladies!

  4. Ooooo Ouch! Even needlepoint isn't safe!