Thursday, September 27, 2012


This plastic box has been my Kreinik  storage system.
I have two of these boxes which are full.
I can read the top of the spools if I squint but I'm not sure about the color.

This is the new system.  I took a Bead Tube Tower with the loops.The biggest quandary was deciding how to organize the spools.  I finally decided to take all the Size #12 & organize by color.  I had no idea that I had 6 spools of white & 5 of black.  There were other duplicates.  The Bead Tube Tower will hold 138 spools - but who's counting.  This now folds into thirds so it 8 x 16" and slides into a clear, zippered pouch.  It is hanging in my closet.  Someday, I will tackle the size #8.  The #16 spools are too large for the loops so I can still use one box.  I will also see if the size #16 will fit in the Bead Tube Tower II which has larger loops for the boxes of beads.

Ready to store or hang
A larger case is available which will hold 2 towers.

This is my Bead Tube Tower with beads

The Bead Tube Tower is available from  Needlepoint Tool Time .
I'd give you the price but, I can't remember it.

Stitch in joy,

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