Friday, October 5, 2012


The wide unit holds canvases.
Tall unit holds Rainbow cards.
All these units were purchased at Ikea.

Sewing machine fits in the bottom shelf of the tall unit.
Other drawers on the tall unit contain all those things that we must have.

Lynis found these plastic trays which fit the drawers in the kitchen area of Ikea.  Drawer unit was in the office area.  Threads are sorted by color.  The two deeper bottom drawers will hold two trays with a little trimming of the edge.
Lynis sent me photos of her latest storage solution.  Lynis lives in Wales in one of the stone row houses built for the coal miners over a hundred years ago.  The only closet is located under the stairs.  It certainly makes one appreciate what we have in this country.  Lynis added a bedroom upstairs.  The passage way between the old & the new created a work space.  If you would like information on the names of the IKEA pieces, e-mail me.

I rushed right out and purchased the drawer unit & the trays.  The plan is to consolidate my DMC drawers into one unit - someday.

Stitch in Joy,

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