Sunday, November 11, 2012


I spent the last three days at a needlepoint retreat organized by Margaret Bendig.  It was a "stitch your stash" format.  It was held at a wonderful Catholic Retreat Center in Temecula.  Temecula is half way between Palm Desert and San Diego.  It's an area of large horse ranches, vineyards, wineries, and estates.  The Retreat Center was on a hillside surrounded by rolling vineyards.  There is a "middle class" in Temecula; they live across the highway.

There were 34 of us staying at the center and 4 day trippers.  The group included 4 women in their 20's (hooray!), 2 walkers and a man.  About three quarters of them were doing counted work on fabric or canvas.  That was a new experience for me.  Most of my acquaintances are painted canvas workers.  There was lots new to see.  Of course, we all worked on several pieces.  

We were provided with three meals a day in between all the goodies the stitchers' brought.  Root Beer Floats Saturday night topped off the evening. 

There was also a large quilting group there from San Diego.  We visited back & forth.  One needs an SUV & a strong back to haul around quilting equipment!  They make us look like novices.  One woman even had her own ergonomic chair.  Maybe I should disersify and add quilting tools.

I forgot to take my camera so no photos.  It was a very relaxing weekend and I have new friends.

Stitch in joy,
Needlepoint Tool Time

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