Saturday, January 21, 2012


On Saturday, we walk the Market trying to asorbe it all. We order on Sunday after we've had time to digest and budget it all. We blew that right away when we found a fabulous
Rolling case by Tutto. It has all sorts of pockets around a central storage area. We bought one on the spot so we had a space to stash our jackets, water, cameras, and all the paper work we acquired. They come in several sizes & bright fashion colors. Best of all, they fold for storage.

We will also be carrying the I-Pad & E-Book covers by Lee, beautiful silk needle cases & ort bags by Lantern Moon & the Hug Me Bags. There are other exciting items in the works. June McKnight has a new book on Bling.

There were 20 isles of exhibitors. We got thru 18 today. We came back to the hotel exhausted. Pam had to go spend the evening with her triplet grandsons. Phoenix has a light rail system thru the center of the downtown area. We are able to take the train from the hotel to the convention center. There seems to be a lot of concern over lack of attendees.
Maybe it's just the huge hall. Food at the Convention Center offers more variety & is better than Long Beach.

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