Monday, January 23, 2012


This was the entrance &  resting area to the exhibit hall.  The hall was located on the thrid floor of the convention center.  At the Sample it event, there was a woman in full  Indian dress who served as a greeter.  Her dress was white buckskin with lots of white fringe & beads.  Another Indian man drummed & played the flute in the reception area.

We stopped in Quartside on the way home.  Every road off the freeway was bumper to bumper, stop & go traffic.  We finally found a place to park in a wash, near the freeway overpass & a homeless camp.  We wandered around a flea market type area.  There was even a place to have your dog's teeth cleaned!
There were various flea market areas, roadside vendors & a huge tent with an RV show.  We only stayed about an hour as rain & high winds were predicted for later in the afternoon.  One doesn't park in a wash during the rain nor drive thru a sand strom.  It started to rain as I dropped Pam at home.

I was going to show some of the new products.  My web site hosting company has changed their log in procedure and locked me out of my web site.   Maybe tomorrow.


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