Friday, January 20, 2012


In my haste to get to Phoenix, I got a speeding ticket. he clocked me at 92-ops! Nice cop only wrote me up for 80 mph. That's my first ticket in 30 years & I always drive too fast.
We finally arrived at Needlers Nest. The owner of Needlers Nest is the woman who buys the expensive auction pieces at Seminar. It was fun to see them displayed. The store has a huge variety of threads. They even carry a lot of rayon for Brizalian Embroidery. Didn't waste any time at that display. I will post photos when I return.

We continued on to Be Stitched. Map Quest got us off the freeway way too early so we wasted 20 minutes. I purchased the blank canvas for The ANG SOTM. Instead of taping the canvas, they zigzag on black & white Checked bias tape. The canvases displayed on the walls have the same treatment. It was frustrating as we ran out of time.

We got to the convention center 10 minutes before the doors to Sample it opened. I couldn't believe the line waiting to enter. There are a lot of people here. They only allowed 2 people from each shop to enter. I continued to stimulate the needlepoint economy. I purchased the new Namaste backpack in red. I thought it was pricey. I unpacked it when I got back to the hotel. It contained a red buddy, skinny Mini, name badge, & 7 mesh bags.
On the other side of the large room was food along with the displays of what's new.
We got to gaze upon Jane's warrior (can't spell that Japanese word). It's a large piece. Leigh said that she stitched it in a month!

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  1. Five weeks. I did it in five weeks. I am exhausted! It's Yoritomo, the first Shogun of Japan.