Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amazing Grays

I have finished the pre-stitching on Nancy Cucci's Amazing Grays.  The class is next weekend.  I went thru 3 spools of Kreinik do stitch the outlines.  Might have used less if I'd counted correctly.

Thanks to all of you, my sale has been wildly successful!  I even have an empty shelf & have had to reorder inventory.  There will be room for new items found at TNNA.  I will run the sale thru next Friday, January 13th.

I'm off to LA to celebrate Mom's 91st birthday.  My sister is in from Houston & sister-in-law from central California.  I will take the two grandaughters so they can create havoic with their male cousins.  We are looking forward to the visit and the night in the hotel.

Keep on Stitching,

PS It's been in the high 70's for two weeks.  The locals are whinning as it is too hot for this time of year.

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