Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's New?

SuZy Murphy's new book will be in stock next week. Sharon G. Hopes her book will be ready to ship in Feburary. It will be the first in a series. June McNight has a new book of Halloween stitches. When she showed us her canvas of the stitches, we were sold. There is a spider created from beads & a boiling cauldron. The stitch diagrams are in color. This is a must for those who love to stitch Halloween.

We found & ordered the two sided sticky tape. I just read where a stitcher used it to secure her finished canvas into a box top. Speaking of box tops, I have been looking for a box for my Sue Reed SOTM project. No luck so far.

We are off today to do more ordering and search through the remaining isles of knitting & accessories.


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