Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Good Things Come to an End

We said "Good by" to TNNA this afternoon.  It is such fun to see all the new canvases and fibers.  I reorganized my unfinished projects last week.  Thus, I was able to restrain my personal buying to 1 canvas.  I saw several others that I would love to do.  As we were leaving, we bumped into the booth that sold lacquer boxes.  This particular booth was set up like a tunnel so it was easy to miss.  I went back to the car to get my Sue Reed SOTM project.  I found a box.  The display area is 6 x 6" so I won't have to finish the complete design.  We didn't find any boxes large enough for the complete design.  I'll post a photo when it is complete.

I am digressing.  Our mission was tools & accessories.  We finished walking the show.  We were in the knitting isles so it didn't take long.  We went back to complete our final ordering.  Pam makes a map of the booths we need to revisit.

We ordered the EZ-Beader.  You secure the disc on the canvas with magnets, sprinkle your beads onto the tacky surface.  it comes with it's own Acrylic case.  We ordered it's companion, a 50 yd spool of braided crystal bead thread.  We got some fun gadgets from the Toy Company.  Several items you didn't know you needed.  Found inexpensive metallic thread scissors so you can keep a pair in each project  (in your dual scissor case of course.).  Puffin has new scissors fobs.  This year, I liked their Scissor Sitters.  Ordered the dog & cat designs as well as the new alpaca. (Looks like a Lama to me).

Pam & I decided that we didn't come away as exhausted as in previous years.  I came home &  found last year's directory.  There were 21 isles last year, only 19 this year.  I'm sure there were more exhibitors there today than buyers.   

I have decided to extend the 20% off sale on the web site till the end of the week.


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