Thursday, January 27, 2011


The computer has had it's exam and doesn't have a virus. Something has still invaded my e-mail.

After personal research, I'v added the Gypsy Sit Upon to the web site. It's a softly inflated disc that prevents fatigue and reduces pressure on the tail bone. Sit comfortably for hours while needlepointing, reading,driving and more. Helps relieve lower back pain, strengthens core muscles (I'm waiting) and improves posture. The nubby texture allows cooling air flow, and promoters improved blood circulation. The durable purple rubberized material remains soft and pliable. One size fits all!

I've been using the Sit Upon for a week or more. The muscles along my spine are sore but I noticed I'm sitting straighter. A friend looked at the nubs and thought it was some kind of new sex toy.

SuZy Murphy's new book is in stock. Portable Stitches ll is distilled from SuZy's Lite Stitches & SuZy's Mini Stitches. 122 pages including a stitch index. 2-3 stitch diagrams per page. The only text refers to stitching tips.


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