Sunday, January 27, 2013


With the granddaughters arrival, my time for blogging and stitching has become limited.  Tuesday night is reserved for stitching & wine.  I do appreciate all the sales.  All you buyers are contributing to the support of the girls.  Christmas 2012 was the least expensive Christmas I've experienced.  The neighbors provided Christmas for the girls.  Hillary is right, "it takes a village".

The good news is that Grip-it has resumed making the Perfect Stitch Laying Tool.  It has been available in medium size #7.  Now we can get it in smaller & larger sizes for arthritic fingers.  It's my favorite laying tool.

There are now replacement tips for the Thread Zaps.  They are not interchangeable.  You must order for the original or the Thread Zap II.  They come in a package of 2 for $3.75.

I leave for the TNNA Market on Friday.  Babysitting is a big challenge but I think I have it worked out.  I am looking forward to the escape!

Stitch With Joy,

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