Sunday, February 3, 2013


Pamela & I have just returned from the Market in Long Beach, CA.
For Needlepoint Tool Time, it was the best Market ever!  We found so many new items.  We were so organized that we were able to do it all in one day.  We'd planned on taking two days.  It took us over 2 hours to see the first two isles.  We had lunch & buckled down.  We started at 10 AM & finished at 6 PM.

We have added:
River silks, Rainbow Gallery's acrylic Ribbon Laying Tool,  New colors in Sparkles, New battery powered LED light to wear  around your neck,  small lacquered jewel boxes with canvas by Amanda Lawford  (that Missy Gray can sell anything!), Easter Grass by Krienik,  the new Buddy's & Skinny Mini's the list goes on and on.

A few items, we brought home (don't tell).  The rest will dribble in.  I will add items as they arrive.

Dede's broom Covers for the Domestic Goddess 

Snap on covers for the I-Phone 4 to bead or stitch

Velvet Rose Tool Holders by Lantern Moon

After an exhausting but exciting day,  Pam & I had a glass of wine in the hotel then went to a 5 star restaurant for a four course meal.
Top top it off,  I had two great nights of sleep without being kicked by a grandchild!  It was a wonderful weekend!!

More later,


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