Monday, March 26, 2012

The second floor of Needlepoint Inc. (3rd floor of the building) houses the finishing business, storage for Needlepoint Inc Silk and business office. The desk is placed so one an can look out over Union Square. It's a fabulous view.
Shelves of trim.
Rows of beads & spools of thread.
This was my favorite. The blocking is done on perforated sheet metal. Little brass nails were hammered into the holes.
The rug had just been received for finishing. It took the owner two years to stitch.
There were rows of storage for Needlepoint Inc Silk. Each color has it's own bin. I think Diane told us there were now 460 colors. Color cards with the actual fiber are available for purchase. If you use this silk, this would be great to have as local stores don't normally stock the entire 460 colors. I have uploaded the photos. When I transfer them to the blog, I just see computer jargon. Here's hoping this works! Tisha

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