Friday, March 9, 2012


This has been a busy day. We started off with some early morning stitching. Mid morning,we went to Marlene's Finishing. I will post the pictures when I return. We had lunch sent in from the Yank Sing restaurant as we were too busy stitching to go out. Soon it was time for our visit to Needlepoint Inc. WE saw both the store & her finishing operation. Diane has invited me back tomorrow to show my wears to her Saturday needlepoint class. She is one gracious lady. We had to hurry back to the hotel as Gail Downing provided us with a trunk show of Maggie & Ewe & Eye Canvases. I gulped a glass of wine when that was finished. Soon it was time for our dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant. Turns out the waiter lives just two blocks from one of our group. He liked us so well, he bought us a round of his home made Lemonchello. It is 10 PM; everyone has gone off to bed. Time for me to follow.


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