Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am home from Stitch & Play.  I think we all had a wonderful time.  Need to rest from the weekend!
We actually spent a lot of time stitching.  I even took time for a Reflexology treatment  late yesterday afternoon after walking up and down the hills of San Francisco.

This is the street entrance to Marlene's upstairs studio.

Wall of hand dyed yarn used for making cording.
There is another similar area with fringes on cones.

Several rows of industrial shelving full of fabrice. 
Doesn't it make you drool.

Women at sewing machines..  They were so gracious to show us what they were doing.
There were 9 women working that day.

Finishing Melissa Shirley's Pears.

Blocking a wall hanging.
They had just finished blocking a hallway runner which took 2 weeks. 

Every woman needs power tools for making twisted cord.

A completed porject on it's way to Hong Kong.
A frame and stitching supplies fit in the portfolio.

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