Monday, September 12, 2011


 I thought those of you who haven't had the good
fortune to visit Pocket Full of Stitches would like a
small peak.  This is what you see when you enter the front door.  The wall to the left is lined with
threads all the way back.

 Finished pieces are displayed all the way around the room.  Stockings hang from the ceiling.  Small baskets on the shelves contain small canvases by subject & designer.  Racks of canvases on the floor are separated by designer.

Looking to the left as you enter the store.  In back of this room is a very large room for
     office & shipping

This is the classroom..  It held the 22 of us comfortably.  Alice Peterson & Dream House Ventures trunk shows were displayed on the walls.
The wreaths display the various PFOS Christmas Clubs.  There is another small room between the classroom & the main store.  It contained sale items, tote bags, etc.

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  1. WOW! Thanks. I always wondered what lay hidden behind their website.