Sunday, March 20, 2011


On the Saturday of Stitch & Play Getaway, Diane Nerheim, owner of Needlepoint, Inc., gave us a fabulous tour of her operation. She has three floors which overlook Union Square in downtown San Francisco. One of the floors is devoted to the store. There is a wall hung with Needlepoint Inc silk. There is a nitich devoted to things related to the alphabet - sayings, etc. There is an alcove devoted to Christmas. There are finished pieces & shacks of canvases through out. Diane has her own painters so has many designs unique to the store.
I didn't take any photos. Was either brain dead or overwhelmed!

The next floor was devoted to their finishing business & the distribution of the Needlepoint Inc Silk. My favorite part of the finishing area was a small wall hung floor to ceiling the metal spice racks with the glass jars. The jars were full of beads!

The remainder of the space contained rows of the white stacking bins stacked floor to ceiling. Each bin had a number on it and was full of skeins of the silk.

The last floor is a new business selling Chinese antiques many of which are suitable for needlework. We saw a chair cushion which was being finished for a set of black lacquer dining room chairs. See more at

We were off to Britex Fabrics, lunch, shopping, stitching, and sharing the days purchases. All this before dinner & more stitching.


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  1. Oh Tisha. This is just a wonderful tour. I am so pleased using NPI Silk in the upcoming NeedleDeeva Halloween club pieces. It's like Butter. Thanks for sharing.