Thursday, March 17, 2011


Pretend it is last Friday.  Climb the stairs to the second floor and this is what grabs your attention!  Marlene gave us a wonderful tour of her workroom.  Marlene , along with any customer input, designs the finishing.  She has 8 women that make her vision a reality.  All the threads you see, Marlene hand dies at home adding one tespoon of dye at a time.  Her husband winds the thread back onto the cones.  She starts with an area of various blocking boards and a steamer.  There was a table with a band saw to cut shapes from styraform.  There was a spot for spray & hand painting round wooden balls used as feet and heads.  There were finished pieces to admire and work in progress throughout.   Tomorrow,  I'll include more photos.


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  1. Tisha, this is so exciting to see. Can't wait for your next blog installment.