Saturday, March 19, 2011


Marlene( the red head)  demonstrating how fringe is made.  All the hand dyed cones in back are for fringe.  You can also see the fringe cones in the next photo.

Making cording for the Bell Pull on the table with the electric drill.  She used the green, blue & creme cones on the table.  The cording is stitched on by hand.  The white cones next to her head are thread that has not been dyed.
Making fringe for the lavender pillow which is a fairy.  Those are large needles stuck in the fringe board.  The fringe cones she is using are on the floor.  Surgical tape is laid down under the fringe in progress & placed on top when the fringe is complete.   The fringe is removed from the board & folded in half.

Sewing machine area.  I haven't shown the shelving stacked with fabric.  Marlene has lots of fabric books from which to choose fabric.  You can see more of her work at   Marlene accepts finishing from stores & individuals.  Stores & individuals must pay for the finished work before it is returned.

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