Thursday, February 17, 2011


The sequins we found at TNNA arrived..  I had them all arranged to photograph and dropped the camera on top of the boxes. What you see is a small part of the mess.  There are suppose to be 700 sequins to a box.  Bet know one counted them.  I still have plenty to use.  Size wise, they fit over an 18" mesh with a hole in the middle.
There are 34 colors.  I just picked out a handful.  Don't know who is carrying them.  Not a very practicle item for Needlepoint Tool Time to carry.  Since I selected these, they have a slightly larger sequin.  Now,  I have to find a project to use them on.



  1. Looks like you just created the assortment pack. Genius!

  2. Which naturally I need....

    Jane, waving like mad from CH where I lust after assorted sequin colors in small sizes