Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I used the EZ Beader to attach the beads on my PFOS Fir Tree Ornament.  It comes in a plastic case for storage.  I attached the  2" Beader to my canvas with it's magnet.  I sprinkled on my beads & they rolled right off.  I didn't read the directions that said "remove the portective Cover  from the sticky surface."  Worked much better the second time. 

I used the Braided Bead Thread which comes in a 50 yard roll.  I got out my Dental Loops but couldn't see the braid.  I can feel it.  The color is Crystal which is somewhere between clear & white.  It doesn't show on the canvas.  The thread was easy to use and I didn't have to use any swear words to get the needle threaded..  It doesn't break, fray or knot.  I used it with #15 beads.  I sewed through the beads twice and they laid beautifully.  I have always used the lasso technique.  They lay nicer this way.


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