Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My friend Lynis has used and raved about the Slimline Table Lamp for two years.  Judith told me how much she liked hers.  I ignored them both.  I recently saw on a blog (sorry, I can't remember which one) that it could be attached to the tool holders on the K's frame & the System 4.  I decided to try it.  It arrived in a narrow five foot box.  I wasn't impressed.  Pamela & I were stitching last night so I decided to unpack it.  Still not impressed.  I finally got it set up and switched it on. We simultaneously exclaimed  WOW!  The light is incredible.  Probably the best I've used.  It's easy to bend & manipulate.  It didn't shine in my eyes.  It comes with a table clamp if you don't have one of the frames.  A better idea would be to purchase a floor frame.  The Slimline Table Lamp is now a new product for Needlepoint Tool Time. 


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  1. Do you know if this will connect to a Lowery stand? I have a Daylite floor lamp but the light won't stay in place any more and I need to replace it.