Saturday, February 4, 2012


On our way to TNNA, Pam & I stopped at Needler's Nest in Surprise, Arizona.  It's right across the street from the entrance to Sun City.  THREADS! was the first impression.  Some I'd never heard of.  The store teaches Brazilian Embroidery so carried lots of rayon.

Peggy Schuld, the owner of  Needlers Nest,  has purchased many of the ANG Auction night pieces.  The American Flag from the Indian Wells Seminar is hanging on the wall to your left.  The tree with the Halloween Hats is sitting on the Anchor Cabinets.  There was a large urn full of masquerade masks.

We did find that they were out of most of the red threads for the ANG STOM.  They referred us to Be Stitched for Soy Luster which we were able to purchase.  Be Stitched was also low on SOTM threads.  They did have the white canvas with silver threads.

There is a new slide show on the web site.  Purchases are arriving daily.  I think I have most of them on the web site.


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