Monday, July 4, 2011


I've added new items to the web site.  The Bead Tube Tower II is designed for those who store their beads in the square, flip-top boxes.  The Thread Zap II is half the price of the original.  I haven't figured out why.
The Totally Trendy Scissors are for stitches who like color.  There are also Scissors Protector points, John James Beading Pebbles, and a Telescoping Magnet Wand for all the dropped items.  i need one on a chain around my neck.

The grandkids just called.  They want me to come to the park for a concert & fireworks.  I'm to bring chips
and water.  It's after 7 PM & still over 100 degrees with unusual humidity.  The picnic has been on & off three times today.  Guess they will be eating chips.


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