Sunday, July 24, 2011


If you are tired of looking like a bag lady or need a more professional look,  the Nameste Mini Messenger is the bag for you.  The cross body strap & fastening hardware make it very secure.  I'm still trying to figure out how the latches work.  I was able to get my medium Walker bag with the frame,canvas ,fibres, & tools, my I-Pad, paperback book & glass case in the Mini Messenger.  There was still some room.  Those are my daily essentials.

The Skinny Mini is a new product from Nameste.  It's 8" x 3" size holds a lot of tools.  For cross stitchers, it will handle crochet hooks & rotary cutters.  It would be great for make up brushes.  I think my travel cosmetics would all fit in one.

The Buddy case is back.  It features hidden magnetized interior walls so, your needles, threader & scissors stay in place.  A removable interior divider protects your scissors.

The Nameste products are animal friendly as they are made of faux leather.  The interior's are Microsuede PET which is made from recycled plastic bottles.


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