Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When choosing my canvas for the PFOS Retreat, I wanted something small as I didn't have time for another project.  The second requirement was for the subject to lend itself for a stitch guide.  I searched many artists on line and finally settled for a Witch by Sundance Designs.  It was a cone shaped canvas; it appeared to be ornament size.  Imagine my horror when Megan informed me the week before the retreat that the canvas was 18" x 28"!  With a canvas that big, I'd need my own table!  I finally moved into an acceptance mode and figured out how to resolve my dilemma.  I took 18" Evertites and rolled the remainder of the canvas.  I secured it with the new canvas clips.  It worked great.


  1. Gosh, that witch is darling (in an evil kind of way). Like you, I would have expected this was a Fancy Carole-sized ornament. But it looks like you picked both a wonderful design and came up with an inventive way around the Too Big problem.

    Let us know how you like using the clips as you continue to stitch this and finally have to unroll, unattach, and move the canvas over to reattach it.

  2. Would you let us know where to buy those clips and what kind of frame you are using - doesn't look like a stretcher frame.Thanks.