Monday, October 25, 2010


This is the Eternity canvas that Kathy Paterson designed for the Stitch in Bliss weekend.  The Kanji character in the center is worked in Japanese seed beads alternating with black Silk Serica.  I will comment another day on Silk Serica.  Other fibers included Silk Mori, Silk Bella, Splendor & bugle beads.  The piece above was stitched by Carol Wallace.  She had more stitched than I did.  Kathy did a great job teaching the class.  The beginners managed to needlepoint. Kathy unveiled  next year's piece.  It's a companion piece with a Ginkgo leaf in the center.  It's more colorful. Gina Wearin organized the retreat.  She managed beautifully.  She was able to get us extra lights and large white napkins to make stitching on the black areas easier.  More importantly, she had the wine delivered to the stitching room.  I was not lonely in my suite as the hotel provided a goldfish as a companion.  I was also able to cuddle up in the hotel provided cheetah print bath robe.  Tough decision between cheetah & zebra. 

I have added several magnets made by Kathy Paterson to the web site. 
The Perfect Stitch Laying Tools are once again available.


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