Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas day is history.  My dinner included my 92 year old father & 90 year old mother.  Every year we play the "this one may be the last one" game but, it never is.  I am so lucky to still have them!!!  The entire family will gather in two weeks in Palos Verdes, CA for Mom's 91st birthday.

Needlepoint Tool Time is having a 20% off everything sale in order to make room for the shopping extravaganza at TNNA.

I will make time for some stitching today.  I am taking the Nancy Cucci Amazing Grays class the weekend before TNNA.  There is a lot of pre work outlining.  Counted work is not my thing.  I've used counting pins & have basted and still I'm off!  I'm using those words that I learned from Jane.

Have a happy week.



  1. LOL

    Yep, counting is no fun. It's easier when you are fresh, however. I no longer work counted pieces at night after a hard day. Here's a new word for you--!%!%#*^!

  2. Thanks Jane, I needed that. I redid it all again and was still off. Suspect it might have been correct the first time. I should no longer work counted pieces at all. I was really taken with the Amazing Grays. It's mostly beading- better send more words.