Sunday, November 7, 2010


I took my StitchSmart Stand to Portland.  The last day of the class, we had to check out of the hotel so took our luggage to the classroom.  When class finished, I opened the suitcase and put my stitching supplies & floor stand on top.  When I arrived home, I discovered that Southwest had ripped the handle off my suitcase and put a small dent in the light weight  stand.  My advice is to pack it in the middle between clothes.
My second discovery is that the pole has a slight curve which should be curving toward the stitcher.  It has something to do with gravity and keeps the stand from falling over backwards.  When I got to Portland, I was in a hurry and put it together with the curve going the wrong way which is why it kept falling backwards.

We have just finished the first week of November.  The desert temperature has been in the 90's.  One TV weather man said the temperature will "plummet" next week.  Another predicted a dramatic drop in temperature.  It's suppose to be in the 80's.  We don't have  much weather to report here.

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